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Custom Tailored Suits
Samtani and Son makes the finest Tailored Suits from the finest fabrics the world has to offer.

This is our promise to you.

2011/2012 Tour

International tailor Nick Samtani and Son are pleased to announce 50 Years of Quality Custom Tailoring for both Men and Women.

Quality fabrics and unsurpassed craftsmanship has left Samtani & Son with a reputation that is world renowned. Over the years Samtani & Son have developed a loyal following of clients from France, Switzerland, Italy, England, USA and Canada. Only the best in fabrics and accessories are ever sold at Samtani & Son. Ready to wear name brand suits, shirts, slacks, blouses, ties, belts, cufflinks and more are available at very competitive pricing. With 50 years of experience, a world renowned reputation, quality fabrics with unsurpassed craftsmanship there is only one place to go, Samtani & Son for all of your Men and Women clothing needs.

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